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Quickly Break a Problematic Relationship With Screens

While researching, for my book, The Visual Diet, I came across different methods to tend to screen compulsions. Many temporarily halt access to content while having a simple way to bypass them. Currently, smartphones have a "Do Not Disturb" feature that is just a click away. These are helpful if the individual has the bandwidth to ride the wave of compulsion.

When others just cannot make the decision for themselves, additional apps may be needed to block problematic apps while still being able to use the phone. For Android users, the Lock Me Out app has this capability while iPhone users could use Opal.

There is another method that could be beneficial for many, and it's quite simple: change your screen color to grayscale. Black and white. Sounds simple and it is. Personally, I found some interesting benefits to it. Since we are more prone to experience the world enriched in vibrant color, the attention to the surrounding experience can shift to provide more dopamine from our surroundings.

I even took it a step forward and put all my screens in grayscale for the whole day, every day for a week now. Now, when I walk my dog, the colors around me feel much more vibrant. Coming from someone who has color deficient vision, it has allowed me to reexperience the world with more beauty. My hope is that this could do that for you as well. I don't plan on continuing forever, except for my phone, but will reengage with grayscale when I need more focus.

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